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What is a memorable gift you have given or received? It’s the season of giving! Whether you like getting a head start on holiday shopping or prefer to wait until the very last minute, we want to know what gifts made an impression on you.

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A Commodore Vic 20! The beauty of this gift was that I had to learn how to program in basic in order for it to do anything. It was such a wonderful entry into tech nerdery. Ed Arias UnitedHealthcare

I’m an avid book reader and I received the very FIRST Kindle.

OWASP 2022 Global AppSec Conference

I was so excited to be able to take it

PASS Data Community SUMMIT

everywhere and load it with my favorite books!

AWS re:Invent

A previous employer would purchase gift cards from clients and distribute them to ALL employees EVERY Thanksgiving. It was their way of saying thank you along with supporting clients. To say it was a generous gift is an understatement! My mom made me a map of the world and pinned all of the places I’ve traveled. It was a very special gift! Katie Jones Concord

FORTUNE Brainstorm A.I. 2022

Debra Bauman Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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CES 2023

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THAT Conference

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A Big Bertha golf club my wife bought me when


A unicycle from my parents when I was 12. It wasn’t practical and we didn’t have the money but they made it happen for me!


we were dating in college. They make better drivers now but I keep it in my bag as a sentimental reminder.


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Gartner CIO Leadership Forum

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

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Tracie Mukai Hawaii Dental Service

Laura Woodward The Disruptive Element

NFJS Gateway Software Symposium

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Chris Borchers BASYS Processing

The Digital Transformation Conference

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DigiMarCon Midwest

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Not exactly a gift, but back when I was dating my wife, I surprised her by visiting her in Spain while she was at home for the holidays. I don’t think she could have possibly been more surprised when I knocked on the door and she answered.

A Strawberry Shortcake doll in 1980. I recently

WomenTech Global Conference

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found it and looked up the price - as it turns out, I now have a $65 vintage doll that STILL smells like strawberries. Deanna Bauer Hennepin Healthcare

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A stereo with a dual cassette and 6 CD player, a microphone, and detachable speakers. I could use it to create my own surround sound before it was even a real thing! Liz Haynes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

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