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“Immersion cooling is the new frontier of technologies that allows for more efficient, higher performing systems that also help make the IT industry more sustainable,” shared Kurtis Miller, managing director of Cargill’s Bioindustrial business. “In just the last ten years, data center power usage has increased from several hundred kilowatts to several hundred megawatts, an over 1,000 times increase. As chip density continues to rise and the amount of data generated seems endless, we need to find more efficient and sustainable ways to operate these complex systems.” A Self-Contained Cooling and Heating Solution Immersion cooling, while still a relatively new technology, is quickly becoming the preferred method for cooling power-hungry electronic equipment as data generation and online activity continues to skyrocket. What’s more, immersion cooling serves as a source for heating buildings in colder climates without needing conventional electric or gas heat sources. Mindful Energy Solutions, Inc., based in Manitoba, Canada, is using NatureCool™ 2000 fluid in modular data mining tanks positioned at large farming, greenhouse, and industrial facilities near Winnipeg. The fluid provides a source to cool the data processing equipment, and the thermal energy stored in the fluid is then upcycled as an effective and affordable heat source for warming those facilities nine months out of the year. Mindful Energy is conducting its own cryptocurrency mining in these locations. It is currently working with prominent Canadian corporations on decentralizing data mining in the same manner to reduce energy costs and power outage risks for a more efficient and renewable solution. “We saw businesses with huge losses on both ends of the energy use spectrum. This ranged from inefficient processor cooling upfront to an inability to capture and reuse generated heat on the back end,” said Stephane Gauthier, partner and CEO of Mindful Energy Solutions, Inc. “Now, by utilizing the heat in the immersion cooling fluid, we’re seeing some customers cover 100% of their annual heating cost in facilities over 10,000 square feet, representing huge savings while being more sustainable.”

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Temps inside immersion cooling tanks are lower than conventional fan colling methods

Across industries, companies are paying close attention to their data integration and management. This acute awareness, and the related explosion in the number of organizations looking to transform their digital environments, emphasizes the importance of establishing strong digital foundations and practices. In fact, data is rapidly turning into business currency and a core part of a company’s monetization strategy. Ultimately, though, it’s not enough to have a cutting- edge digital ecosystem; organizations must have that ecosystem working for them. There are several key ways modern data integration supports businesses. In this free eBook, we explore the critical impact of modern data integration and show you how to put it into practice for your company.

An employee with Mindful Energy Solutions, Inc. monitors tailored immersion cooling systems at an agricultural customer site

Data mining immersion cooling tanks positioned at a large ag operation in Manitoba provides an affordable, renewable heating source for their operations

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