MN Tech Mag | Fall/Winter 2022

UX UX 28 | Panel of Experts PANEL OF EXPERTS The Art of User Experience Personalization and inclusive design take center stage as we explore these topics and more with our digital experts. DIGITAL EXPERTS DISCUSS

F or better or for worse, we’re all living in a digital world. With a growing number of new devices, platforms, and opportunities to reach customers, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to get a leg up in their user experience. We connected with two experts in the field to share their perspective on digital trends and best practices.



Eden Brownell Senior Engagement Specialist at mPulse Mobile

Ryan Decker Director of Digital & User Experience at Concord

Brownell: I would say disjointed and siloed customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) within companies. Gartner states that through 2025, 50% of large organizations will fail to unify engagement channels. Siloed UX has become a point of friction within many organizations. Composable UX provides UX for the right customer persona, for the right task, and at the right stage of the customer’s relationship with the organization. Decker: On a related note, companies have difficulty establishing a process where user feedback appropriately influences product decisions. There is a lack of UX-centric input in the agile delivery process and lack of clear insights or product definition at project initiation, too. What are the top issues you’re seeing companies face in user experience across industries?

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