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Gaining Efficiency with Your Data Management Strategy

Investing in Thoughtful Cloud Optimization

There’s always more opportunity to understand your customer and improve your data quality. Typically, data is one of the primary limiting factors holding organizations back from reaching their full potential – mind you, that’s not a lack of data issue, but rather a data quality and integration issue. Most organizations are swimming in data, producing exponential amounts year over year. The challenge lies in connecting your data strategy, governance, and analytics to properly illuminate organizational strengths and weaknesses. Asking yourself three key questions will help address your data strategy and prepare a strong data foundation: Is your data an enabler for the business? Value-based delivery is a concept that will help you partner with stakeholders to generate a data strategy that enables the business and provides tangible value. Is data governance a central component of your strategy? It’s critical to engage the people who consume the data in managing that data – the proper data governance measures will ensure that’s the case. Does your strategy emphasize optimization capabilities? Leveraging your data for multiple purposes creates the opportunity for operational savings, consistent customer experiences, and more accurate reporting. Activating and optimizing your data management strategy will help your organization narrow its focus and double down on key strengths.

No shock here – cloud initiatives provide unparalleled flexibility and cost optimization opportunities. Many large organizations modernized their legacy systems years ago in favor of the scalability of the cloud. However, just because your modernization is complete doesn’t mean the journey is over. Cloud optimization will help you find areas of opportunity in your current landscape to reduce operational costs and improve return on investment. I believe there are three guiding principles to help you go beyond just operating in the cloud and fully optimize your cloud investment: Focus on the customer. Start with a targeted project that provides a better experience for your customer to show success in the cloud and allow you to plan more extensive migrations. Enable your employees. Cloud modernization initiatives allow your employees to explore innovative technologies with a low cost of entry and go a long way to retain people who value innovation. Emphasize governance. Key to maximizing your strategy, governance leads to the best long-term success with the fewest problems down the line. The key is to start now. Waiting for economic uncertainty to pass will delay the benefits while your competitors gain market share.

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– Taking the Next Steps

If history has taught us anything, times of turmoil tend to create the strongest, most resilient companies.

When it comes time to weather the storm of market uncertainty, we believe in the importance of optimizing your cloud initiatives, activating your data strategy to enable the business, and finding quick wins through user experience initiatives. Please reach out if you’re struggling to identify where to focus your investment budget and employee energy. We can help you build a more resilient, efficient, and innovative business.


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