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R enowned as a global engineering, procurement, consulting, and construction company specializing in infrastructure development, Black & Veatch is on a mission to help clients move farther and faster. With an impressive portfolio and a keen eye for innovation, Irvin Bishop Jr., EVP & Chief Information Officer, is spearheading the organization’s digital strategy and leading its enterprise IT team and non-IT innovation committee. Black & Veatch is at an exciting time in the organization’s history – they streamlined operations, consolidated thirteen business units into three market sectors, and achieved record-breaking revenues. As a change agent, Irvin remains laser-focused on ensuring client satisfaction while leading the company’s transformation. His leadership has fostered a client-centric culture, optimizing cost and speed, increasing standardization, and providing ample professional development opportunities. As he continues to lead the Black & Veatch team through its transformation, Irvin is measuring with a digital yardstick, creating an interoperable enterprise, and building a ‘best place to work.’

EVP & Chief Information Officer at Black & Veatch Irvin Bishop Jr. has big goals for the company: to become an industry disruptor and a career destination of choice. THE DIGITAL YARDSTICK GUIDING BLACK & VEATCH’S TRANSFORMATION

By: Michelle Galliani

Measuring with a Digital Yardstick

Irvin aligns his team’s priorities with the company’s business vision and strategy, rooted in client needs. To this end, his team frequently turns to the concept of the digital yardstick to help evaluate opportunities and garner strategic alignment. “The digital yardstick has different characteristics that you measure against: is this going to improve efficiency? Is it going to generate revenue? Is it going to increase product visibility?” describes Bishop Jr. The digital yardstick has led Irvin’s team down a path to building sustainable digital innovation capabilities – an area where he feels there’s much to be done. His team is generating solutions for renewable energy, electric vehicle charging stations, and integrated water solutions. To further enable their innovation roadmap, Black & Veatch’s IT team is actively modernizing the organization’s infrastructure, enhancing security, and leveraging hyper-automation and AI to drive efficiency and productivity.

Black & Veatch World Headquarters, Overland Park, KS

Irvin Bishop Jr.

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