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P overty is a complex issue that doesn’t have a one-size solution—but it can be disrupted. One way of doing so is by partnering with single moms to give them the opportunities and tools they need to architect a life that meets their goals and ambitions. Since 1998, that’s what Jeremiah Program , a national organization based in Minneapolis, exists to do. It’s on a mission to break the cycle of poverty, two generations at a time.

“Single moms know their issues and how to solve them better than anyone else,” said Karla Benson Rutten, Executive Director, St. Paul. “That’s why we don’t ‘help’ or ‘fix’ their lives. We support, partner, and serve with them.” Jeremiah Program was founded on the belief that a strong and thriving community is needed to create strong and thriving individuals. “A lot of the time, the root issue our moms face is that they just don’t have access to the resources they need,” said Patty Healy Janssen, Executive Director, Minneapolis. “We believe that moms not only need a seat at the table but need to be part of the agenda that gets them to the table in the first place. And that’s something I really love. We honor the voice and agency of each of our moms, and they’re leading every step of the way.”

the Cycle of Poverty

By: Sigrid Mellem

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