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Finding Your Passion So, the big question. How do you find your passion? Our new “Passion Finder” workshop helps organizations with this exact question. The first thing that many people, especially women, have to do is acknowledge that they deserve to be happy and fulfilled in their work. It’s giving yourself permission to be (as some might say) “selfish” (it’s not, by the way). Second, identify what passion feels like to you. Typically, when you’re a mid-career professional, you’ve become good at many things. Yet, as you build your career, the things that you’re good at aren’t necessarily the things you love anymore.


You can sleep better at night knowing you are putting your talents to the best use possible and feel good doing it.

Not your average leadership development program.


Find out how to unleash drive, motivation, interest, and curiosity through a transformative leadership program that inspires women leaders to ignite and live their potential.

Articulating how passion feels to you could mean “energized,” or it could be “calm” or “buzzing.” Everybody’s got a different way of describing how passion feels to them. Name this energy because no one else can tell you what your passions are. Your boss or coworkers may try and tell you what they think your passion should be, but no one will understand what passion feels like other than you. Naming it makes it easier to find. Then, do the work to rediscover the things that you used to love. We call this step “Reach Back” – creating space to remember the activities that gave you this feeling. This step can be revelatory for some (“I had totally forgotten that I love designing new project management systems!!”) or uncomfortable (“Why did I stop doing that thing I love?”). Ultimately, it’s critical that you believe you deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your work. Any amount of exploration you do to get clearer on what you love to do is a good thing. Once you find your passion, you can move on to helping support and encourage others in the journey to find theirs.

ABOUT PASSION COLLECTIVE Passion Collective creates the space for professional women to thrive. Join a trusted community to help yourself and others navigate the career and life situations unique to women.

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