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I recently had the pleasure of hosting a small group of Concord’s clients, past and present, for dinner. We enjoyed a meal together and discussed new concepts for brand messaging. Concord celebrated twenty years in business this year – an exciting milestone, no doubt – and we want to update how we present ourselves to reflect better who we are today. Each attendee’s perspective on Concord differed slightly based on their unique experience, project, and history. The consistent theme? Concord has great people. At the heart of Concord – and, realistically, any great business – is the people. It feels a bit cliché to put it that way, but we hear the phrase often for a reason. People get work done. Not projects or tools. Not methodologies or even technology. Moreover, great people get great work done. As we created this issue, we noticed that all our contributors focused on people in one way or another. The way it should be. During my conversation with Christina Zorn, our cover feature and Mayo Clinic’s Chief Administrative Officer, it was clear how important people are to her – not just her team or the leaders advancing Mayo Clinic’s purpose, but truly the broader ‘people’ of humankind. Her vision – and Mayo’s purpose – is to reimagine healthcare to make it work better for everyone. At Black & Veatch, Irvin Bishop Jr. equally recognizes how integral people are to the success of any organization. Throughout our interview, he highlighted how important the right culture is to retaining talent and achieving transformational goals. On an individual level, we explored the idea of networking and how to find your next opportunity. Does it really matter who you know? Spoiler alert: it does. On that note, I hope this issue provides you with insight you can’t get anywhere else. More than just some interesting articles on a page, I would love MN Tech Mag to serve as your own personal network. Please reach out if there’s a connection we can make or something we can do to help you. After all, it really is all about the people.


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Black & Veatch EVP & CIO Irvin Bishop Jr. is leading the team through transformation. His guide? A digital yardstick. Learn how he applies the concept to achieve the company’s vision. 9 BY THE NUMBERS From coffee chats to LinkedIn connections, we have to ask the question: is networking really necessary? We dig into the numbers to find out.

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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Anne Pronschinske Christina Zorn Jeff Rogers

Laura Best, founder of Passion Collective, shares the secret to finding meaning in your career and supercharging your potential at any stage in life.

Jim Eppel Laura Best

28 Q+A: JIM EPPEL Relevant Health Roundtable Advisory Member Jim Eppel reflects on his career and the healthcare industry as a whole in light of his recent retirement.

Michelle Galliani Natalie Sheffield Sigrid Mellem Stu Nutting Travis Richardson

16 THE TOP TECH OF 2023 Our list-makers are driving a new level of innovation for companies large and small. Find out which technologies made the cut this year.



Jeremiah Program is empowering single moms to harness their power and break the cycle of poverty, two generations at a time.

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Effective data management makes all the difference between winning and losing in the market. Three experts share their perspective on how to win big. 952.241.1090

35 QUIPS & QUOTES Some of the most impactful purchases don’t have to break the bank. Our readers share their best finds under $100.

22 A NOTE FROM OUR FOUNDER After twenty years in business, Concord co- founder Stu Nutting shares his perspective on the organization’s growth – and a personal announcement.


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Christina Zorn, Chief Administrative Officer of Mayo Clinic, is prepared to transform the entire healthcare industry as we know it.

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