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Microsoft Security Copilot

Our list-makers are driving a new level of innovation and efficiency for organizations ready to harness the power of technology-enabled success. The Top Tech of 2023 From cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications to groundbreaking open-source frameworks and platforms, new technologies have captured the world’s attention. The technologies on this 2023 list continue to push the boundaries of what was once thought possible, revolutionizing the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. Concord’s experts explain why they matter.

A Container Orchestration System for Automating, Scaling, & Managing Kubernetes’ open-source system groups containers into logical units for easy management and discovery. Its declarative approach allows developers to define the desired state of their applications, while Kubernetes handles the orchestration and ensures that the desired state is maintained. Designed on the same principles of Google and with a focus on flexibility, Kubernetes is helping businesses scale without the headcount. Overall, Kubernetes’ value proposition lies in its ability to streamline application deployment, enhance scalability, increase reliability, and simplify management, making it a key technology in modern cloud-native environments. “We’re reaching a tipping point where enough people finally understand how to effectively operationalize Kubernetes. For folks who are willing to invest in the know-how to use the platform well, there are big gains to be made in terms of resiliency, streamlined operations, and efficient use of hardware. You really can’t use containers successfully at meaningful scale without some kind of orchestration, and Kubernetes is the biggest cross-vendor alternative out there.” – Dave Cyr, Director of Architecture

An Attacker Defense System Built on Generative AI

A Smarter Way to Build Audiences & Refine Segments Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables businesses who have historically struggled with data management across systems. The Real-Time CDP’s advanced analytics and AI-driven algorithms help uncover hidden patterns and trends, allowing businesses to optimize marketing campaigns, drive conversions, and maximize customer lifetime value. Seamlessly integrating with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, Real-Time CDP helps unify customers across channels and touchpoints, providing a comprehensive customer view and delivering consistent, personalized experiences at scale. “Needs around CDPs are shifting. The conversation has gone from ‘We need a CDP’ to ‘We need to use our CDP effectively and move the needle on monetization.’ Adobe’s Real-Time CDP is positioned well to address this pain point. From its integrations with cutting-edge tools like Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Optimizer to Sensei, its generative AI engine, Adobe is focused on breaking down the barriers that are holding customers back from maximizing the value of their CDPs.” – Bethany Hartley, Vice President of Analytics Microsoft Security Copilot empowers organizations in their quest to enhance cybersecurity defense and incident response. The technology leverages generative AI to detect hidden patterns, harden defenses, and respond to incidents faster. Its 65 trillion daily signals help teams synthesize data and triage threat signals so that they can respond to attackers at speed and scale. Not to mention, its integration with other Microsoft security tools and services further makes onboarding easy, enabling organizations to leverage their existing investments in Microsoft’s security ecosystem. “What sets the new AI capabilities within the Microsoft Security Copilot product apart is their ability to intelligently detect and respond to security threats in real time. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning models, these capabilities provide a unique level of proactive defense against evolving cyber threats. Their continuous learning and adaptation ensure that organizations benefit from cutting-edge security measures that effectively safeguard sensitive data and networks.” – Rob Peterson, Principal of Cybersecurity



An AI Chatbot with Instant Answers

A Computing-Based Data Cloud Company

Snowflake is the leader in the data cloud warehouse space. This platform enables organizations to store, manage, and analyze massive volumes of data with remarkable speed, flexibility, and scalability. Its unique architecture separates storage and computing, allowing users to scale each independently based on their specific needs. This decoupling enables efficient resource utilization and cost optimization, making Snowflake highly attractive for businesses of all sizes. “As enterprises increasingly rely heavily on data to drive competitive decision-making, cloud data warehouse platforms like Snowflake have emerged as critical components of a modern data strategy. Combining cutting edge tech with a pragmatic product vision and excellent user experience, Snowflake has positioned itself as a major force in the data modernization revolution.” – Keir Anderson, Senior Manager of Data Management

ChatGPT’s natural language processing tool, driven by AI technology, allows users to have human-like conversations and source information within seconds. The language model answers questions and assists with tasks, such as composing emails, essays, and code. By providing an intuitive and accessible interface for interacting with an AI-powered language model, ChatGPT is democratizing access to advanced natural language processing technology, making it a leading solution for businesses, researchers, and individuals seeking reliable and versatile language-based assistance. “AI is more than a buzzword now. Tools like ChatGPT are acting as force-multipliers to enable workforces. Grassroot usage has sprung up among tech crowds and developers even where there aren’t formal programs in place. While it’s still in the early days in terms of industrialized usage, the technology will be transformative.” – Dave Cyr, Director of Architecture


A Tech-Flexible & User-Friendly Experience Builder

As a leading headless content management system (CMS), Uniform empowers businesses to deliver personalized and consistent experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints. The platform helps businesses build high-performance digital experiences while supporting existing MarTech investments. Uniform’s integration with various data sources, analytics tools, and marketing automation platforms provides customers with a holistic view of user behavior and enables data-driven decision-making. Its tech integrates in minutes, infuses seamless design elements, and empowers marketers with no- code software to build immersive and exceptional experiences. “Uniform is a paradigm shift in the digital ecosystem; away from the dated idea that a CMS should manage all things experience. Uniform combines data pipelines, design systems, WYSIWYG page management, personalization, and A/B testing with a modern React/ NextJs framework.” – Jerry Hill, Chief Technology Officer


An Open-Source Framework Built on a Single Codebase

“Flutter appears poised to impact mobile app development in a similar way to how Angular changed the game on the web as one of the first SPA frameworks. With Google behind it, we’ll almost certainly be hearing and seeing a lot more of Flutter going forward.” – Ryan Decker, Director of Digital and User Experience

With its combination of versatility, efficiency, and ease of use, Flutter is transforming the app development process. Created by Google, its framework and UI software development kit builds beautiful, natively-compiled, multi-platform applications in a single codebase. Its fast performance, multi-platform reach, and intuitive workflow has made it trusted by a global community of developers.

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